Couple of years and more than 20 books after, I’m still not an ebook lover. This hasn’t stopped me from adding to my collection at any given time. I feel like at the back of my mind, I have this idea that the more I add, the more I’ll read. Right now I have 52 books on my shelf and I’ve read less than 20 *sigh*. Maybe I’m more a book collector than a reader, maybe.

There’s something about seeing growth in people you know. There’s this motivation it gives you. And seeing my friends be awesome in what they do makes me so happy.
That reminds me, happy birthday to my beautiful friend who is also a blogger – Damola. I love you so much and God bless you. You’re a beautiful person inside out.

To everyone who has graduated or is graduating this year, CONGRATULATIONS 👏👏🎉. I’m excited y’all do exceedingly well.
Special shout out to doctors in the house – Dr Ruth Diyan Ebe and Dr Owusu. Visit their blogs guys!

Who knew rhyming in poetry could be sort of tasking? Well maybe it’s not. I just find it unnecessary; so when I found a book, one of my mom’s oldies that would be teaching me the art of rhyming and poetry as a whole plus novels, I took it with gladness. And even better it came with exercises for me to do so yay.

Two words are said to RIME when they end with the same sound. Words ending with the same letters could rime but not always – close/lose.
Rime is the archaic way of spelling rhyme. And of course I prefer rime. I’ve also learnt a bit about poetry which I didn’t pay attention to and that’s great.

One of the exercises I was given was to write something with an ‘ABBA‘ scheme  and here’s what I wrote.

How’d I do? 😊 

I wanted to stop trying to rhyme because my sentences weren’t making sense and I wasn’t ready to write without making sense even if just to try. My friend suggested we tried writing together, a line at a time and we produced this 👇

I hope everyone is doing great and also pray for a fruitful week for y’all. I love you 💕❤. 



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