Mid-year review 

I’ve been pondering for sometime now why all people want to do is take and give nothing in return. I think that maybe a reason would justify their action and well… Maybe not.

photo credit – Uchechi

Half the year is gone and I will tell you honestly that so far 2017 has been good. I am excited about the next half. I’ve been thinking a lot about how this post will be, if I would review each month or just an overview and as you read on you’ll find out what I decided to go with.

Late last year I knew I was going back to continue something I started but dropped along the way and I had mixed feelings. The feelings were due to a number of reasons and I recently discovered that fear stood out of all the reasons I came up with. I am so happy that I read this post which I would recommend you read – DO IT AFRAID. Coming into 2017 I knew that would be my motto for the year. That’s now my life motto and here’s why.

2017 started with on a positive note but priorities changed. I tried to keep on with writing and blogging and sigh I really did try. I checked recently and realized that I can count my posts this year on both hands and I thought I would write a lot.
When you start a new phase, we tend to think we would have a lot to talk about but I was disappointed. Yes, a lot happened but it was the same thing – same routine, annoying timetable that doesn’t give time for other things, same faces and I wanted more, I needed to do something different.

From January to June, school happened and the only thing that wasn’t routine was running for election and winning.
I like routine, it works for me; that’s just the type of person I am. But sometimes a change would be great.

Everything that has happened has been God’s awesomeness. 

Today is the last day in June and tomorrow will be a new month. I hope you had an awesome half year and look forward to a better next half . Cheers🍾🍷

Let me leave you with this bible plan – 10 things to abandon for Spiritual Growth



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