Love and/or Commitment 

So I dislike walking on grass that has grown past the length it should, I always feel like there are things hiding in it which would crawl out and … anyway, it makes me uncomfortable walking on it. I had put off washing for this sole reason and one day I decided to just walk on it because my clothes had to be spread out to dry. It made me think about how we sometimes have to do things we aren’t comfortable with to achieve certain goals we have set. 

You know those conversations you have that make you want to go out and just start doing awesome things? I had one of those yesterday. We talked about many things and I learnt a few things as well which I would share with you soon but one thing struck me which I want to talk about today. Love and/or commitment 

– the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Words like dedication, devotion, loyalty, etc can be used as synonyms.
– a strong feeling of affection OR a great interest or pleasure in something.

I had never really thought about this so you can imagine my reaction on hearing “… so I admire that you’re committed to it … but do you love it?”. Quickly I started doing a mental check on things I “think” I love and wondered if I actually love doing them or felt some sort of commitment towards them.

Most people always talk about these two words only when it comes to relationships or marriage and yes that’s good but I say we should also think about it in other aspects of life.

Read somewhere that “love is a feeling…, Commitment, on the other hand, is a decision. Based on some combination of feelings and logic, we make a decision about our future plans.”

Yes love is a feeling but I also am of the opinion that love is a decision. Or maybe to put it more clearly,

love starts with a feeling and the continuity is a decision.

I love the biblical definition of love because it doesn’t take on love as a feeling but as a combination of attributes.

… but today is not for talking about what love is it isn’t. I just want to know from you

  • Can there be love without commitment?
  • Can there be commitment without love?
  • Should one separate love from commitment? 
  • Should we do anything out of love or out of commitment or with love and commitment?

For me, 

  • There is no love without commitment
  • There is commitment without love this comes in when it comes to a job or something of that nature.
  • They can be separated. Yes it happens but it shouldn’t. If you love someone or something then be ready to put your 100% or almost. 
  • Do everything with love and commitment because …


While writing I realized that this is actually a deep topic and we shall go into the depth another day. Today I just want to hear what y’all think.

Thank you for being patient with me. I’m just having difficulties these days not just to write but to write with meaning.

Still your favourite girl
Diana M 


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  1. There’s no love without commitment. Unfortunately…there can be commitment without love due the circumstances a person may find himself/herself. But I strongly believe love and commitment cannot be separated as long as there’s PASSION. So in conclusion we should try and do everything with love AND commitment ’cause that’s where/when we can have complete fulfillment.

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