I’m not intelligent.
Well, it’s what my father thinks
For while my singing tamed the wild
My chemistry score killed his smile.
My math score, though never bad couldn’t touch him like my poetic lines did lives.

I’m not useful to society
That’s what I’m being told –
That my fashion creation is irrelevant.
“What happened to being an engineer?”
They keep asking me.

She faced the mirror this morning, no makeup, natural hair and clean brows.
Oh! I can feel the discomfort from my masculine world far across, I see the low self-esteem clouds.
I feel your pain, fears and trials baby girl.
Just remember, boys will be boys.
Its never just the tip down here.

Eyes taught to live in singularity within a diverse universe
One and three births a four, not two on two.
Let me sleep, let me rest if I can’t live as me

excerpt from memoirs of a misfit


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