Moving on

“Babe is on air now!”
the label when my alarm went off
and quickly I ran downstairs
not minding that my big toe was hurt
and my eyes were still trying to adjust to the light
I just had to see it again: your eyes light up when you smile

It was 12 hours since I last heard your voice
only because your voice note kept me company
before then, it was 6 months.
remember us bumping into each other?
I guess you forgot about my half day at work,
only explanation I walked in on you leaving

It’s took months trying to get a hang of it all;
how a part makes decisions without the other – I had to unlearn that,
one minute you’re someone’s fiancée and the next? Well…,
that when you promised forever, it only meant till it was over
when you walked out on us, you really meant it

The talk we had was just procedure
“she makes me happy and feel wanted” you said
and I knew any effort to fight for you would be futile
So I smiled to hide the hurt because I learnt long ago that –
no matter what happens as far as there’s life I WILL BE OKAY

“Babe is on air now!”
the label when my alarm went off;
my heart rate normal to which I smiled,
deleting the alarm, I knew that was it

Diana M

image: Pinterest



  1. And that’s how she returned with a bang! OMG! This, this is just amazing! I felt the emotions behind every line. I don’t remember reading any poetry on your blog but this is just soooo good. You should write more of em! Loved it!


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