Long time no talk 

Just got done reading my first novel in months and I cannot begin to explain how awesome it felt to be back to reading something that’s not school related.

I think I said “thank you” a bit too early to my friend after I got the notification of a new mail. The joy opening my mail to find a book to which I happily downloaded. Fast forward to yesterday and I don’t know how I feel after reading the last line.

PRETTY GIRLS – Karin Slaughter; maybe one day I would write a book review (let me quickly add it to the list of books I want to review) but until then, this is all you should know – it’s not a book for the faint heart. I mean it’s a really good book, say a 3.5 out of a 5 start rating in my opinion.

My week started out great! I’ve been in school for a couple of months and was going home to everything 😊. Then something happened to my phone (which has been screaming for a change) and well …

I’ve missed a lot of things on social media and it’s not like a went on a social media break, no it’s just that priorities changed. I see posts and make a mental note to check it out later then end up totally forgetting it. I guess the whole making mental notes thing doesn’t work for me. Even putting up a reminder doesn’t still make me do stuffs, if I don’t do it the minute I should then it gets shoved to be back of my mind until when needed.
I really wanted to use my break period to catch up on everything but I guess life has a way of happening.

I’m not sure what to tell y’all about the months in school and what not to because when I say a lot had happened, trust me a whole lot has happened and I can now say gladly that I have become really tolerant to human behavior (for now). To say I have been tested is but an understatement.
And if there’s anything I’ve learnt, it is to keep my mouth shut and not say the first thing that comes to mind. Some days I think it’s because I am still getting used to the environment but other days I think not.

Oh guys!! I actually did something afraid!!

The thoughts that terrify us about things we should do are normal. You’re not the first to have them and you will not be the last as well. It just shows you’re human and also, that thing means a lot to you. In other words, messing up is an absolute NO. It shows that you care about said thing and of course you would not want to mess up something you care about.

I ran for an election and won (to be honest I still cannot believe it).
I thought of any and everything I will do wrong . There were people who actually thought I should not run and also that I will not be able to handle responsibilities plus the stress. Part of me wants to prove them wrong and the other keeps reminding me that I am not doing it for anyone’s approval, I am doing it for myself. I will keep you updated on that part of me (I am so excited).

I am not exactly sure where I saw this but I’ll just drop this here “WORRYING MEANS YOU SUFFER TWICE”.

Till next time, it’s still your favorite girl,
Diana M



  1. I love the quote, “worrying makes you suffer twice”…I think I will put that where I can always see it. And I know you love me for sending the book. Its good to read something unexpected once in a while.
    I am glad you are back to blogging ❤❤


  2. I’m with Damola on that quote. I feel like sharing it with a friend, like ASAP and I think I’d put it up too.
    I want to leave a comment for every single sentence but… Skip! I’m skipping the book cos, I honestly can’t handle the roller coaster of anything that’d make me emotional; especially now. We sort of took breaks and are sort of returning at the same time 👊 I agree with you on the challenge of “blog-post catch up”
    Yaaaaaay!!! on that election win, giiiiiiiiiiirl! Do you; most importantly, do God. Every point would automatically prove itself.
    All the best and welcome back

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  3. This is good, and i’d read it again…By the way, you didn’t tell me you won o! We’ll quarrel for a day for that!!! Congrats, Presido!!

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