Be bold to effect the change 

It’s one thing to complain about something and it’s another thing to do something about it.
I keep complaining to myself and others that I miss my blog and writing on it. All the while complaining, I realized that that’s just what I’ve been doing – complaining and giving excuses for not doing it. I tried a few times to pen something down and when something else came up, I abandoned it.

It got me thinking if it was about priorities, waiting for the best thing to talk about or laziness. Might be something else though but those 3 things come easily to mind.
That being said we should always keep in mind that the best possible time to start something is NOW, not a second later, NOW. So for the rest of the year, we shall go with the motto “JUST DO IT” (Nike style 😉).

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and the theme to commemorate that day was BE BOLD FOR CHANGE and I’m just here to say that I’m proud to have been born into this generation, a generation with many voices and people ready to fight for the those who aren’t able to for one reason or another. A generation with not just women fighting for their rights but men also coming together as well to stand with women and vice-versa, one of women standing up and supporting each other. A generation that teaches us that no one human is better than another. A generation that reminds us that be you a girl, boy, man, woman, that you matter. A generation that gives the assurance that every voice matters. A generation with visible change.

I celebrate all women today and most especially, I celebrate my mother. She’s taught me not just to have a voice but to let that voice be heard. I’ve learnt from her that you have to speak for yourself and for others who cannot speak for themselves, I’ve learnt a lot from
her – strength, patience, and so much more; most especially – love. She’s not just an amazing mother, she’s an amazing human. I love you mummy 💕💕.

Guys to end this post, I want to wish you a happy new month, WELCOME TO MARCH. God bless you and I love you.

Meanwhile check out this beautiful African print brand and know more about them; place your orders as well – INIDARA and if you’ve been sleeping on Ed Sheeran’s new album DIVIDE, sleep no more; it’s a beautiful album. Take my word for it (please listen to it please ☺️).

xoxo your favorite girl,
Diana M



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