Season Of Love?

It’s been a different 2017 for your girl. Changes here and there and if I’m not studying or attending lectures, I’m catching up on sleep. And in my last post I told y’all I was going to figure out a schedule, which I finally have (thankfully) but it’s also part of my rest schedule 😩😩. We know anything that needs to be done well takes sacrifice right? That being said I have realized that Friday is the best day possible. I really wish I could pop in and out anytime but I can’t 😔; I’ll try to though 🙂.

I used to think I would have so much to talk about in this phase of my life but these days the only things on my mind seem to be physiology and anatomy; oh and I pick physiology over anatomy. I miss writing and even more, I hate that I do not have enough time to do so. I miss awesome internet, hate that I have to struggle or wait till a particular time during the night or go to a particular place to have good network. I could go on with this list but 😂 I shall stop here.

It’s a week to Valentine’s Day and if you’re like anyone else but me, you’re counting down to it. Yes everyone that has a lover or significant other. I’m just of the opinion that love should be shown everyday and one shouldn’t wait till a particular day to do something nice for another. That being said, let’s discuss Valentine’s Day gifts.

But before we get to talking about gifts and whatnot, should Valentine’s Day just be celebrated between lovers and spouses or should friendship and other relationships that are sort of special be included?

Ladies and Gentlemen what would you describe your perfect valentine as (date and gift). Does anything happening on said day have to be extra special or a normal dinner date is fine? I can’t ask ladies alone as i think it’s absolutely necessary for the men in our lives to be treated to nice things.

My perfect date has to include cinema date, wine tasting (I like to think that I’m a wine lover 😌), and not forgetting ice cream (preferably toffee, caramel or DOUBLE/WHITE chocolate; normal chocolate won’t do it for your girl here).

Let me know in the comment section what you think of Valentine’s Day celebration, those that should be involved in the celebration and your perfect day.

Have an amazing week and month and yes I hope it’s not too late to say WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY; it’s been said it the month of lovers. I love you and I will try to keep in touch as much as I can.

xoxo your favorite girl,
Diana M




  1. Valentine’s day is just another day for me since we celebrate all the others together’ I am always afraid that somebody is going to give me candy especially chocolate and I don’t want it

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  2. Hmmmn..I have an issue with people who say one day shouldn’t be set aside, no one said you shouldn’t celebrate your lover everyday..we can compare it to any other thing people celebrate

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    1. She’s having issues with me 😩. Yh totally get but some people wait only until then to show this love or wait for special occasions.
      Oh and Adele won album of the year 💃🏾.
      Thanks for stopping by 😘


  3. lol, soon as I read about the lack of time, I knew you had to be a medical or medicine related student. Personally I think anatomy is brilliant. Tedious but brilliant.

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