Speaking positive words

Hello darlings,

Hmmm the plan was to be away till the end of the month butttttttt I missed you so much. I’m here to say happy new year and just talk.

Before I continue, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *screaming*

Okay time to catch up.

2016 started some type of way but I’m glad it didn’t end how it started. My awesome God proved himself as the MIRACLE WORKER and it ended with amazing testimonies. At the end of 2016 i learnt to take the limit, whatsoever limit i had put off of God. *starts  singing – Take the limits off – Israel and New Breed*. I’ve taken that into 2017 too. I will reflect on 2016 in another post so stay glued. Also, I had a wonderful holiday and New Year’s Day was all about eating 😁. How did your holiday go, what new thing did you do/learn, … just tell me everything.

We talked about goals last year and if you missed it, click here. What new year resolution(s) did you make, what goals have you set and all of that?

I did not set my goals till this year or rather I did not write down my goals, I knew what they were, had them in mind BUT I was scared of putting them in writing. Even more, I was scared of having accountability friends. So when I told one of my friends about my goals he asked me to send them to him which prompted me to write them. I was scared of writing or telling people about them because it means not backing out. I wanted to be able to back out if I had to and feel guilty only to myself but now I’m glad that I have people who want to see me achieve these goals and also push me to do so. Get you some awesome friends by the way, friends who make you better and who love God as well 🔑

*inserts a picture just because*

I was gifted a book last year and I still haven’t finished reading because my mom is reading it as well so left it at home for her. The little I read, I learnt from it and I’ve been applying it and so far I think I’ll stick with it: “Me and my big mouth- Joyce Meyer”. Positive speaking does wonders and I can testify to this. Since I discovered positive speaking and positive praying, I’ve been truly blessed. Do not just speak positive words but think positive thoughts as well.

I miss y’all so much and I won’t be available as much as I would love to but I’ll be here (not wanting to put any time frame as I don’t want to break hearts). Still trying to figure out a good schedule that works for both of us (yes you and me 😉), so please bear with me.

So tell me what’s up with you and drop a Bible verse for your 2017 motto as well. Also, I read something that I think y’all should too – Why do we give up on Bible Reading

“And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

I wish y’all an amazing 2017 and God bless you!

And don’t forget this year let’s DO IT AFRAID. That’s the plan!

xoxo your favorite girl,
Diana M



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