Day 5 | TTC2016

We are moving! And today is Day 5, Letter E. It’s not late to join us in the challenge. The THINK-THANK CHALLENGE is about being intentionally thankful. Check out my Day 4, Letter D here.

You guys, i was thankful about something that I hadn’t gotten yet (yes on this challenge) and days later I got it. I just sat amazed at how God works. See nothing is too small or too big to be added to your list.

Day 5, Letter E

  1. I am thankful for EVERYDAY
  2. I am thankful for the ability to EAT. Truly someone have food but cannot eat and some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat; Glory be to thee oh Lord, Amen.
  3. I am thankful for EGGS
  4. I am thankful for EARPHONES. They help me block out the noise even when I’m not listening to music and help me pretend to be be busy when trying to avoid conversations. They also help me really enjoy songs and music.
  5. I am thankful for EYES that can see and EARS that can hear.

Go ahead, add your thankful list in the comment section. And have an awesome week guys! God bless you.

xoxo your favorite girl,
Diana M



  1. I could bet that eggs were gonna be on this list! 😀 I’m thankful I can eat! And yeah, hearing ears and seeing eyes, thank God! Ah! The inventor of earphones should be blessed! LOL. Keep going girl! xoxo

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