Discovering self 

Who I want to be has never been up for question. It’s been sometimes – days when nothing seems to be going out as planned, but I’ve never doubted it. I have known which field in life I wanted to participate in at a young age and thankfully that hasn’t changed. More has actually been added to the list of who I want to be but I digress…

Who I want to be has never been up for questioning rather who I am has been. I think the answer changes; maybe not hourly or daily but after a while it does and it’s because we are a sum of what happens to us.

I think the easiest question to answer is “what/who do you want to be?” Our answers are well thought of; especially when we aren’t sure anymore, we tend to fall back on what is used to be. Better safe than unsure right? 😏
I’ve been made to feel that it’s not okay not to know ESPECIALLY when you don’t know about yourself. If you don’t know about you then what do you know?

Most times “who are you?” is asked along side “are you happy?” I guess it’s “are you happy with who you are?” and when you say NO or hint uncertainty it’s believed that you should put yourself in places/things that makes you happy or how can you not know/be uncertain.
There are things that should be pretty standard about you but I’m not talking of those; honestly I don’t know if there’s anything that’s standard about one anymore – change is permanent.

What if the things/places that made you happy no longer do that? What if you can’t change who you are in that moment even if you’re not happy with that person? What if you have to be unhappy for a while with who you are? That’s not the permanent you, I think it’s temporary. Sometimes temporary situations make us act a certain way; doesn’t mean you should keep that behavior. Yes put up with that you in a while and know that you’ll be better later. If you’re not okay with said trait, feel free to bin it; if said trait makes a good you then by all means stick with it.

Self discovery journeys are very essential. It helps with answering “WHO ARE YOU?” not who you think you are or who you’ve been told you are but who you really are. You won’t know everything about yourself but you’ll know more than you did before undertaking the journey.

it is a wonderful feeling to be on your own, use that moment for self discovery. there are things you dont know about you which you should. TAKE TIME OUT, GET TO KNOW THEM.

– Diana M

Well this is all just ramblings. Hope y’all are doing well. I’m sorry for being away and I love you.

xoxo your favorite girl,
Diana M



  1. Hmm, this post struck several chords. That point where you’re unhappy with who/where you are is usually hard to explain to others. As you’ve said, it’s temporal. And yeah, I so fall back on what I once wanted to be than stick with the uncertainty of not knowing what to do with my life. Sighs. Self discovery is key! I think we need to take these journeys before trying to discover our partners.Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear. xx

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