November is here my lovelies!! I know I’m not the first to welcome you into this month of amazingness but I’m not late either.

HAPPY NEW MONTH my darlings

I’m truly always happy about this month and it’s because it’s my birth month!! Even though I’m still deciding whether to do something for my birthday but yeah doesn’t matter it’s still my birth month.

Can you believe it? The year is coming to an end 😳. Wasn’t January 2016 just yesterday? Seems like everyone’s been complaining about the year and they think 2017 will be better and I really hope it will be. I on the other hand have decided to take everyday as it presents itself and deliberately choose to be happy and thankful whatever the situation.
I hope you haven’t checked out of 2016 yet ❌. To be honest there’s still a month plus left for things to turn around and I pray that the dreams you started 2016 with will come to fulfillment before the year runs out, Amen.

#FortnightFriday 😂 yes I’m sticking with it, it just really has to work and you have to get used to it. Anyways musing time!!! And on today’s post we will be talking about signatures. You know those things you write down at the end of documents as a form of identification or when authorizing cheques? Yes those.

I was looking at my signature and I was disappointed, like “girl you can do better than this”. I found my signature to be too simple and forgeable (lol experts can forge any signature though so you see simplicity is my main problem). I’ve always thought signatures are meant to be really nice as they somehow reflect ones personality (I still don’t know).
One time I was signing some bank documents and the man looked at me like “is this your signature” (I’m too sure that’s what the look implied) and I remember checking for mother’s signature when I got home to see how signatures should be (LOL).

I remember the signature I loved growing up and yes definitely still do, my pastor’s signature. I tried to copy it and even made him teach me to sign that way. The signature had space for the day’s date to occupy. Hmmm 🤔 now I’m thinking of it I wonder why since signatures are supposed to have some sort of resemblance.

Okay, I got the signature I’m stuck with for now when I went with my dad to get my international passport and when I was asked for my signature he said “just sign ______ it’s quite easy and you won’t forget easily”. I was 10 or there about. And every time till date when asked to sign, I write the same thing I did at that age.
Anyways, I spent an hour or so after this realization (signature simplicity) dawned on me trying to create a new signature. I came up with something I love but for now it’s inconsistent so I’ll have to write it 50 more times before I am confident enough to start using it.
Also the next day I was to sign something and my brain immediately went to the former so I guess for now I just have to love my signature 😂and see it as a money making one or a rich man’s signature. I heard they don’t see a need to do too much, their initials are enough.

  • How did you come up/settle with your signature?
  • Do you think ones signature reflects his/her personality?
  • The signature you have now, are you fine with it or you hope to make a change later?

As for me, you know by now that I am definitely making a change.

Have a lovely November guys and remember :

nothing is too big for you to achieve. If you can dream it then what’s achieving it?

Diana M



  1. I think almost every Nigerian Child has a weird signature…my mother’s signature definitely inspired mine but I haven’t been able to change it because its on my passport and change of signature in Nigeria is just wahala

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