Musing #009

I was looking at a list of phobias and I saw this:

fear of long words

The irony yeah? I even started reading the word as hippopotamus then stopped my self (😂).

Yes people, welcome to another episode of musings. Episode is right yes? LOL. How you doing? (In Wendy’s voice) I hope you’re all doing great and if you’re feeling down, just know that no matter what you’re going through someone here (yes me) loves you very much.

I was thinking of moving my musing to Monday so we can go with the hashtag #MondayMusing. We live in a world of hashtags right? Like there’s an hashtag for everything; not just hashtag but everyone always wants to match the first letter of the words being used for it – #MotivationMonday #TalkTuesday #WorkWednesday #ThriftThursday #FlashbackFriday #SwimSaturday #SelfieSunday 😂😂 I’ve made up some though but you know I’m right.

Anyways that’s not even the point I was trying to make. All I’m saying is that you’ve come to expect it on every fortnight Friday (OMG did you see what I did there???? #FortnightFriday 😂😂) so we shall stick to that. I know I fault on doing this some Fridays but I am back!!!! 💃🏾💃🏾.
Also I haven’t gotten tired of naming the musing posts, just found numbering was easier but if you think otherwise, feel free to drop a comment.

All through last week and this week I’ve been listening to podcasts a whole lot and you guys do you realize how soothing some voices are? Like literally they calm you to sleep or maybe they’re just boring you sleep off 🤔🤔; no! Some voices actually soothe you to sleep.
Okay that’s not the podcast point I was trying to make but I listened to these podcasts and I totally enjoyed them and I would love to recommend if you’re interested – The Unsullied with Oreka Godis by Oreka Godis. It has two interviews so when you have time, please give it your listening ear. 

On today’s musing I’m just going to take you back to a poem I wrote on seasons in ones life. The time I wrote that poem I was at a low point which led to putting the words down. I was looking at it a few days ago and it made so much sense . I guess then I was looking for something to keep me going, I just wanted to be tell myself that when you are down it doesn’t mean you are out; it only means that at that particular moment you are down.

“The outcome of our lives is not determined by what happens to us but by how we respond to what happens to us.” Nancy Leigh DeMoss

After someone is hurt, you hear them say they now live without expectations and when I hear or read this, it leaves me wondering- How is it possible to live without expectations? When you HOPE that things will be better, that’s you expecting!
But if for any reason you have lost hope or are in a hopeless situation I want to tell you Hold On, better things are coming.

I’ll leave you with some scriptures below. God bless you and fill everyone of you with renewed hope, Amen.

Also if anyone is interested in getting  featured on my blog, email me at

Have an awesome weekend guys!

xoxo Diana M



  1. That’s just a weird word…anyway its nice to name the musings post, it gives an overview on what exactly to expect. Also, I hope you stick to the forthnight Friday thing…
    And maybe I should pin those verses because a lot of times, it is easier not to just expect nothing so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right(the word). Thinking of it that way I think naming is good. I will still to it! I already am 😜.
      I don’t think it’s easier not to expect anything. Disappoint comes with life but hopefully we don’t get to the point of losing hope. The verses as reminder, definitely!

      Liked by 1 person

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