Strange Battles 

Heartbroken, I crawled in the dark.
Reaching out to anything, anyone.
Something or someone, just to hold on to.
There was a strong pain in my chest
Just right beneath my sternum
It was my heart I think, aching.

Tears rolled down my cheeks,
I needed to spit it out
The sour taste of pain
I finally had to see clearly again.

Reminiscing and discovering its all been there
The blur, way too long.
The search for something filling
That, had failed on several occasions
I had failed myself in achieving this

I wanted just one thing sincerely
To be genuinely loved,
By someone genuine
But I knew someone owned me.
Who bought me with a price and had other plans
Perfect plans that were always the best
This I was assured of

But I still hurt
It felt out of my reach, true love
Everyone else seemed to be in touch with it

‘’So why wasn’t it in his plan for me’’
I thought to myself a couple of times
But I knew it wasn’t just in it, yet
Waiting seemed so hard
My lungs were failing
Finally I summoned the courage
Or rather, wisdom to whisper
I could breathe a bit freely
So this time I screamed it louder
I could feel him holding me
More closely now, I still wanted to scream it out loud

…. There it was, my Peace

Ovaisam Eko 



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