I haven’t had a guest post in a long time and I want to share this beautifully written piece with you my faves. It’s more of a spoken word and I love everything about it. I hope you love this as much as I do. Without further ado, *drumroll* …



I Feel…
I feel In The Spot
Efforts made to get in was as a sprint,
Trying to get out is a marathon,
In The Spot.
Everyone else gives me a sense of belonging,
Happiness rushes in and my lips,
They start to move slightly upwards,
It’s a smile.

What was that???

They all are, every one of them, GONE
They moved out from the spot.
Slowly I’m back to where I started,
Holding up my cheeks with tapes,
They’re not sticking.
Then I start to realize, there is a lot,
A whole lot of regrets.
I shouldn’t have bothered getting in.
My vulnerability, my dependence,
My craving for a shoulder,
All in the Open.
Time after time, I toss around the spot.
Convincing myself that it’s better,
Better out than in.
Just as I tossed in circles,
There it was, a break in the line of THE circle.
And here I am, back again
In the Spot.

Ovaisam Eko



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