Write on it 

I started writing something a week or so ago and I wanted to make it a poem but this morning an idea 💡 came into mind. “Why not let people talk about it” so yes! I want y’all to make a post on it, as many people as possible. I don’t want to tag anyone so no one will feel left out. So this is for you all; write how you feel on these words. 2/3 short sentences that’s the challenge. #writeonit

xoxo Diana M

an emotion I never knew up until I heard – shatters on the wall
I had picked up a chinaware, with an aim to kill; thankfully she ducked

my heart aching, a pain in my chest like pins and needles pricking
tears dropping, silent prayers of pleas as I saw him breathing his last

only when I felt my confidence missing did I know this
I’d been defeated even without a fight.

light from the weight I’ve carried lifted off; arms lifted up pumping my fists “yes yes!” is all I could think
that’s when I felt it, when it made sense ;everything finally worth it in the end

smiling into space with new sets of dreams
tears also which I never knew accompanied happiness
this joy brings forth peace

in the dark of the night a last tear wiped, no fight left, a prayer whispered, “Lord do as you please” that’s when I felt it
peace in full surrender

Diana M

©reverberatingthoughts 2016



  1. Anger: blood dripped off my clenched fist as I looked down on his lifeless face. Only then did I realised I lost sight for a minute, blinded by anger.

    Hurt: I couldn’t believe what I was reading. She broke it off over a text? I mean we were good the last time we talked…..

    Defeat: losing every big of fight in me? Admitting I’ve lost and staying down? God forbid!

    Sorry but I’ll stop right there

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  2. Now I am confused where to start from. I mean look at what you wrote up there! such a breathtaking and awesome poems.
    you already kill it! Lol

    I will try to write on it in an hour or so and I will be right back to post it here before laziness set in.

    PS: I love your blog layout and themes, well done!

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