“Is kissing a sin?” Part 2

First of all before we go into this I would like to apologize for taking time to come up with the second part of this series. If this is your first time seeing this and also if you want to catch up with the first part click here. Also read the comments on the first post.

We want to thank everyone that took time to comment on that post we loved your comments ❤️❤️❤️. They were well appreciated.

Before we continue remember we are looking at this topic as Christians. So we are here with our opinion of what we think it should be. 
I said in the last post that it’s a collaboration with a friend and fellow blogger and I’m going to write her POV (point of view) and mine as well. 

Let me start by saying that as Christians, the bible encourages us not to have sex before marriage(this is clearly spelt out) but with kissing, it is not exactly said black and white.

Well my answer is-‘it depends’. I believe that lust is sin and anything done out of lust or in lust is sin. This can be anything to a lot of people. To some, just hugging alone, holding hands is enough. So there are different thresholds for different people.

Kissing doesn’t necessarily always have a sexual connotation, it could be a caring gesture because you love and care for the person I am dating. I can kiss you not only because I want to rip off your clothes and have sex with you (get my drift?)

In all of this, we have to guard our hearts, is there lust in your heart when you are kissing? Does the kiss make you want to do more? Is it leading you to temptation ? If yes, then kissing is sinful for you.

So it is up to the individuals in question, if you feel you can control your thoughts, then it should be okay for you. It is a personal decision, there is no hard and fast rule for everyone. The thing we should be concerned about is honoring God and it is something we know for ourselves as Christians.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this but nothing seems to fit the way I want it. In the end, this is it:

We have become so focused on differentiating what is it isn’t a sin or how grave a sin is or isn’t that we forget we have been instructed/called to live a life of holiness (Hebrews 4:12). HOLINESS = PURITY.

Yes there’s no black or white about sin in the bible but are we so quick to forget 1 Corinthians 6:18-20? I know it’ll be just okay to say well it depends on what goes on in your mind during the act but let’s ask ourselves this – WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW, IS IT GLORIFYING GOD?
Read 1 Thessalonians 4:1-5

I know we think it’s just a kiss but let me remind us that it’s something intimate. By the time you start giving that excuse that “it’s just”, you’ll soon start making accommodations for other acts. When your partner is tired of receiving just kisses, they’ll want something else.


  • Purity starts from the mind 
  • Every sin begins as a thought in mind 
  • If you don’t let the Holy Spirit control your mind, the devil will

So my thoughts on if kissing intimately someone that isn’t your spouse is a sin, YES IT IS.

Love Damola & Diana M


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