Musing #007

Hey y’all! How you doing? (in Wendy’s voice). I hope you’re all getting ready for a fab rest of the year cuz I know I am. 🤗

That is a beautiful picture your eyes are seeing right now and I know because the moment I saw it I knew it’d be on my next blog post. Everything just says perfect in it. 

It’s 1:33am as I write this and all I know right now is this post has to be up by morning/afternoon. I’ve neglected my blog 2 weeks now and it feels so awesome to be writing a post. 

Heads up! This post is just to fill you in about the last week or two. So get ready for a chill post with lots of pictures 😝😝

I had a wedding to attend and that weekend was just all sorts of awesome for me. Getting first pictures, front row views and dancing a lot. I love weddings; yes traditional marriage which is now called engagement for reasons I’m yet to find out and church wedding. It was also a chill time with my family. You can check the hashtag on Instagram #NkoFemz16. The beautiful bride is my cousin 😉 


This week I set a goal to read 4 books and as I write I’m on the last book and I’m so happy. I love all the books; I especially like ‘The power of a praying woman – Stormie Omartian’ and ‘Confessions of a boy-crazy girl – Paula Hendricks’ and I highly recommend.

So I’m staying quite close to a make up studio where I currently am and I was invited by one of the students to practice on my face. First of all, shoutout to all the make up artists out there. You guys are wonderful and your patience is remarkable. 

I was exhausted sitting for over 2 hours for my face to be used as a canvas and I kept thinking of how y’all do it for a number of people sometimes in a day. Well done!! New respect and also it made me even want to learn too. I mean I know the basics but I will not mind having that professional skill. Also it was my first time tying gele and the lady is such a pro in my opinion. 

And how could I forget the nail polish color I’m in love with 

Well that’s it on today’s musing and it’s 3am as I stop writing. I love y’all so much, you don’t know the half of it. Till next time, it’s your favorite girl Diana. Stay blessed. 

xoxo Diana M



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