Miracle Worker 

We have so many names we know God as, there are many names we call Him. For the past month I have known him as “THE GOD OF MIRACLES” and I want to share with you what I’ve been made to know about miracles, about this wonder working God (Psalm 77:14).

So many times we look and/or pray for miracles and let me remind that waking up to a new day is a miracle. There are miracles all around us and lately I have been praying to God for a particular miracle which hasn’t happened yet but I have this strong feeling that it will. 

I attended a church program last month and I went there with expectations for myself, I did not know what I needed but I knew God would start something in me. Today I can tell you that I went there in search of a name for the God I’m serving, a name that I will call him and I found it. 

There was a woman who came to church that day, she had traveled quite a distance to come for the program. She borrowed money from someone to come all the way for the program, not knowing how she was going to pay back but she knew she would somehow. During the service the Holy Spirit directed someone to tell the church about her and bless her with whatever they could and people did. It took me back to the woman we read about in the bible, the widow’s offering (Mark 12: 41-44).

In that instance, I found what I had been searching for. Of course I know God performs miracles but that day I was reminded, that day I believed. 

People give the meaning of miracle as something not explicable by natural or scientific laws. I was going to give this meaning too as what a miracle is but recently I have seen beyond this meaning. When we read of miracles in the bible, we read about the healing of the sick, raising the dead, curing diseases, etc. If any of these don’t occur, we don’t regard it as a miracle but I saw a different meaning of miracle, I now understand what a miracle is. 

We have become so used to living and the things that occur in life that we don’t see miracles in them. The common example is waking up to a new day; also going out and coming in the same, complete, everything intact. You should understand that these are miracles. 

There’s this song by Glowreeyah Braimah which has become my anthem and you should listen to it too and be blessed. 

Miracle Worker on soundcloud 
Miracle Worker on YouTube 

Also there’s this movie I watched last week and if you haven’t seen it then please try to. It’s called Miracles from Heaven;I learnt a lot from this movie and I hope it blesses you too.

I definitely haven’t forgotten to welcome you into this month of September. 
Happy new month lovelies, it’s our September of grace, testimonies and unlimited favor. Our month of miracles 😉. 

Have a fruitful week and God bless you ❤️❤️❤️.

Just to add to what I said; I think we’ve put miracles in a box of strictly signs and wonders which shouldn’t be. I’m saying that miracle is the parent and ‘signs and wonders’ is one of the children. 

Yes God is still going about showing himself through signs and wonders, He is still a God of miracles and I’m a living testimony.

xoxo Diana M



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