Olympics and more …

Quote of the week!! 

I’ve become obsessed with my brows and I’m trying to understand why. I had those brow shaper things but they got missing (yes I had 3 and one by one they all left). So I’ve been perfecting my blade using skills and well I’m still making them brows really thin but the shape is amazing. (Lol I really had to get the out!)

Okay hey lovelies, how’s everyone doing? I’m guessing awesome or something close to it (haha). Well yours truly here is doing okay too, thanks for asking 😉.

I caught up on one of my fave sites and I saw this post which y’all should definitely check out –Memkoh

Travis Greene’s ‘The Hill’ album has been playing all week and if you haven’t yet listened to it, you definitely should.

Also, there’s this amazing human I know that writes so beautifully and I want to share one of my fave piece with you.

My musing is coming on a Wednesday which is not supposed to be but yeah you deserve it ❤️😘❤️😘.

Yes, 2016 Olympics came to a conclusion on Sunday and I will miss it a lot. Can’t believe we will have to wait another 4 years to see the amazing talents we’ve been blessed with in almost all sporting events in this life. I will miss #Rio2016 but I look forward to #Tokyo2020.

I know everyone keeps talking about the greatness of Usain Bolt and I’m so glad I watched him achieve the triple-treble feat and also the beautiful awesome Simone Biles and not forgetting the lady I was cheering for, Katinka Hosszú. I shall not take credit away from them but did you watch the decathlon? No? OMG I feel so betrayed right now 😩😩.

Maybe you’re like me and you know the term decathlon but don’t know much about it, well you can play catch up here; but in a nutshell it’s an event consisting of 10 track and field events carried out in two consecutive days (yup 2 days) and the winner is determined by a total of points gotten. That’s all round athleticism.

I was amazed at the strength each person carried, much more their perseverance. At first I was cheering on for one person but after the first day I started cheering on for all of them. I found new strength watching them TBH.

I made my hair on Monday and I kept wondering if it was worth almost losing peaceful sleep for. Like why we gotta figure out how to place our head when going to bed after braiding 🤔. I’m just happy that I got to do short faux locs ; better pictures will come later but for now this should do.

That’s it on musing for the week, see you sometime soon. I love you and have a wonderful rest of the week.

xoxo Diana M



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