“Is kissing a sin?” Part 1

I saw this question one of them days going on Twitter and felt it should be talked about.

FYI, I’m not talking about the parent-child kiss or the peck on the cheeks. Talking of the kissing in relationships outside marriage, French kissing and the likes. This post is for unmarried people and we are considering this matter based on the fact that we should not ‘ideally’ be having premarital sex.

This is more a collaboration with my friend, Damola A. We went on about asking people we know and got replies of no, yes and I don’t know. We decided to make this open for discussion here and below are some replies, some with reasons and some without.
It’s also going to be a 2 part series which we will continue next week by looking at what y’all think then telling you what we believe.

This topic has been a very polarizing one amongst Christians. Now my opinion: It is not a sin,but it does have the power to lead one to sexual sin, and that’s why there always have to be set boundaries with your partner. Boundaries like, No kissing when you are both alone in either of your homes with no one to hold you accountable e.t.c. Ultimately if I am in a relationship and I think that kissing my boyfriend, fiancee, can lead to our both having sex, then with his agreement, we might choose to forego that particular pleasure till we are married. Anything in this world can lead to or become a sin, even food, and that’s why the bible always gives us boundaries and as followers of Christ, and by His grace, we should always live Every aspect of our lives to His glory..’

I think it largely depends on the convictions of the two people involved. It’s easy to categorically say Ehn, it’s intimacy and all, but I honestly do believe it’s not straightforward.
People are raised differently, and so that influences how they see it.
Bottom line: I don’t know’

I think it’s immoral
Why kissing/sex is an expression of love is too mysterious to me
If I like you, WHY do I have to kiss you to show that I do?’

‘A lot of kissing went on in the old testament through the new so….
But really. What’s not a sin?’

‘It depends…
It depends on what happens after

At one programme I attended like that, the Pastor said that Kissing is application upstairs for permission downstairs if you get what I mean.
And I guess from hearsay, kissing someone almost always leads to something which is fornication.
Nowwwww, we are in an era where people express love differently eg 5 languages of love. I think all in all set boundaries in your relationship. If you kiss your boyfriend and you both make sure that it doesn’t go beyond that, you’re good to go.’

People argue about the words not explicitly written in the bible and I’d really like for us to look at with as Christians.

What kind of kiss? Is it like peck or French kiss? 😂
My dear I think it is.’

‘Kissing isn’t a sin in itself, but it’s a gateway to one.
Yes. Like you can kiss innocently, your child, parents, friends, but when the kiss is getting you aroused and thoughts begin to enter your head, yeah, that’s a sin even if you don’t get to act on those thoughts’

No it’s not
Because the bible never condemned kissing
But if it’ll lead you to sin, then you should desist from it’

‘Can I just point out that before you ask “is kissing a sin”, you’ve already considered it being a sin and I’d like to say that already answers the question. If you have to ask if something is a sin then yes please it’s a sin.
(And I like kissing a lot

To cut d long story short…
Yes. It kinda is
Well many describe it as ‘inappropriate’, and something meant strictly for spouses only.’

‘It’s not a sin
It’s just an entryway to what could be considered a sin
That’s why it’s not exactly advisable’

‘This is not an issue if I am being honest, all unrighteousness is sin. That’s all’

‘I don’t think it is sin at all, what are you really doing except exchanging saliva(for those who do not know how to kiss properly)’

I don’t think kissing is a sin, scriptures has it written no where that thou shall not kiss, but kissing is a very sensitive activity that can easily lead to sex, so my point is if kissing will cause you to do something that isn’t praiseworthy, why kiss?’

‘Well I love to kiss, but sometimes I think it is a sin, because I love my boyfriend so my mind is not really pure, it is somewhat lustful..lol, I don’t know jare but it will be hard to stop since I am not doing anything else’

‘Hmmn, there are differences o, sometimes when I kiss..I think I have committed a sin because it was so deep, but other times it is literally just a peck on the lips so I guess that one is fine…’

So these are the replies we got so far,but we want this post to be as interactive as possible so please comment on what you think about this subject matter.




  1. How do you feel when you have a French Kiss and how does having sex feel like, what is the percentage between them, it’s like saying looking at a woman lustfully and having sex with her or saying hatred could lead to the sin of murder so what is hatred. A SIN my dear sin is sin no matter how colorful or mailed it looks

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  2. I personally believe it’s wrong for unmarried people to kiss. The bible says let there be no hint of immorality or impurity to be found among you. The bible does not specifically say what is categorised as “hint of immorality”. But any activity that sets you in the mood for sex as an unmarried people is immorality. Kissing is an act of foreplay, and foreplay is meant to get you for ready for sex. Honestly this shouldn’t be a question at all, because if you say I won’t have sex before marriage, why consider doing the things that could make you have sex. I just believe it’s the devil giving us the spirit of inpatience, that’s why we’re in a hurry to kiss.
    It’s wrong to kiss before marriage, let’s just wait; by the time marriage comes we will kiss and be tired.
    Why set the kitchen on fire, why you don’t want the whole house to burn???

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  3. yeah…it’s pretty much a sin wether you do it or you don’t believe in it, it is a sin as long as you’re not married .

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  4. Yes kissing is a sin. Kissing is like a small flame which lights up the fire of sex. My mum always says ‘if you don’t like a meal then take your eyes off the meat’. Kissing is equivalent to a meat on a meal and once you taste the meat, you have tasted the food and may even want to try the food. Its better safe than sorry so, its best for those who are avoiding premarital sex to avoid it

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  5. The direction of an intimate embrace/kiss is obviously inevitable. Yes I suppose one could restrain one(s) self but the flame has been kindled. That being said, both parties are now subject to an unfulfilled longing and that in itself can pose even greater problems once the two have separated, especially for youth, although any age is subject to passion. No doubt the values instilled during raising will be tested, but even the best intention is in danger when playing with fire.

    Genesis 4:7Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

    This verse is the most concise Biblical description of sin, its personification, its desire to entangle us, and our command to be master over it rather than mastered by it. Ultimately only the individual, at that moment, knows whether or not their intentions are sinful. May the power of the Resurrected Christ preserve of all. Amen.

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