Switch up!! 

Hello lovelies, it’s been forever and I miss you all so much.
Happy New Month!! 😘😘 (I hope it’s not too late to welcome y’all into the month of August)
Sorry I’ve been away a while but I’m glad to be here and posting again.


I’ve enjoyed my blogging life as you all know and I’m always looking for ways to make it better (making it more educative and FUN). I sat and thought of changing the name and discussed it with my BTB (behind the blog) minds and I finally decided to stick with the name.

I wanted to make the blog name more personal and of course the usernames (yes o! I came up with quite a number) I wanted already exists and bla. Well that’s okay, I forgive those of you with the username I wanted and congratulate you for having the same mind as I do (great minds think alike right? 😉😉)


I started with musings some months back and I loved it.

It will continue with organizing posts so you won’t have a problem locating them. More contents shall be added eg lifestyle (fashion, beauty, health), guest posts, etc
My knowledge on these topics are not as broad as you think (I wish); so do not expect professional advice but trust me I still know my stuff and if I don’t, there’s people to help me out.

But as we go, the level of professionalism will definitely get better.

Speaking of people I know, I’m officially welcoming someone special to my heart to my blog space. She’ll the handling the lifestyle section and I’ll be putting my two cents in as well but for the most part it’ll be her.

I just want us to have fun while learning in this whole process. Are we excited? I know I am!

Also, my awesome friend just joined the blog world thanks to “of course you can and should do it” by me (I would like to think) so yes check her out here and I love y’all so much

xoxo Diana



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