ebook or hard copy lover?

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re doing okay and your week is going well. Mine was going just alright until I was lovestruck.

I had another thing to talk about but as it was nearing 2pm and I hadn’t put out a post yet I had to drop my book and get to it. That’s when this topic came about 😁😁.

Dropping a good book is not easy but dropping a beautiful book is even more difficult. When I say beautiful book, I’m not just talking of a the story but how well written it is.
To all the writers out there, here’s a toast 🍾🍷to amazing pieces from you and a big thank you from a book/poem/article lover.

It’s not easy for me to read an ebook; I’m more of a hard copy book lover. So last week, I challenged myself to read an ebook every week or at least try to. There’s quite a number of them I started out reading but along the line I got tired of looking at the phone and laptop screen. About the challenge, so far it’s going great (haha) I read a book by Francis Chan (Crazy Love) last week and I’m halfway through another book – ‘Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng’.

There’s just something about a book you can feel and smell the pages (be it a new book or a really old one you have to get dust off of). It’s love to be honest. 

  • Are you a book lover? (Not just novels but any book)
  • What book(s) are you reading? 
  • Any book(s) you would love to recommend?
  • Are you a soft or hard copy book lover? 

Have a great week people and God bless you! 

xoxo Diana 



    1. I used to be a book lover, at least I used to think I was. I haven’t finished reading a whole book that isn’t school related in months….but I agree with you. I prefer hard copy

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    2. I love books.

      I’d say Hard Copy lover, but it depends on the situation I find myself in.

      🙌🏾. Can I get a copy of ‘Crazy Love’ from you?

      Currently reading a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

      I’d recommend ‘Screwtape Letters’ by CS Lewis.

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      1. It’s on my kindle and I don’t know how to get it to you. If you know do tell me so I can’t send it.
        Okay but I have this book that I can send to you.
        I think you’d like it
        Let me have your email address please. Thank you

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