Let me be of the the firsts to welcome you into this new month of blessings and abundant heavenly peace. 
I love when it rains on the first day of the month, I feel like it carries blessings and yes it rained this morning. It’s safe to say this month has a lot in store for me.

I promised to muse every fortnight but twice now, I have gone back on the promise and I’m not happy about that. I’m sorry for not putting up any post and I will try to do so as soon as my brain finds what I want to muse about (yes this Friday hopefully). 
**Truthfully, did anyone even notice this?? 

This first day of June, I’m starting a challenge and I would love for you to join me. We will call it “June of thankful hearts” 

It’s normal for us during our prayer time to thank God and then go ahead to ask for stuffs. It’s so easy to get lost in making requests, I would really love for us to make conscious efforts – MORE THANKS, LESS REQUESTS.
So let’s say you have 15 minutes to spend in prayers during your quiet time, why not spend 10 minutes being thankful and the remaining 5 to ask all you want 😊. My dad’s favorite song was “count your blessings and name them one by one”. We are surrounded with so blessings and I really want us to take time and recognize those blessings, write them down as well if you can (don’t worry about repetition). Let’s make this month – June 2016 one of thankfulness.

Below is my devotional and want to share it with you! 

Jesus Calling – Sarah Young



  1. It sometimes is hard to remember to be thankful in the midst of all our needs and in the whirlpool of all the chaos that surrounds us, but when we really set our hearts to it, praise begins to spring from our heart.

    Thank you for this gentle reminder. This shall be a month of incessant thankfulness. 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. We never run out of needs. When one is sorted out, another arises. Better to be thankful even for the things that haven’t happened yet. Learnt this sometime ago, what has all my worrying solved? (Matt 6:25-27)
      Of course we are humans and will worry but we should worry less and be more thankful and hopefully one day we will eliminate worry (haha).
      God already knows the outcome of the situation we are in. So why not just thank him for now and in advance.

      And you are welcome Oreoluwa 😁😁


  2. Ummm…honestly, how did i miss this post?!?!?
    Anywayssss, Jesus CallinG…… good!!!!!!! Also, i think this is such a great challenge. I am very guilty for breezing through the ”thanks to God” part of my prayers. I know im seeing this quite late, but i’m going to do this challenge for the next 30days! God bless you for sharing.
    P.S: I totally get the commitment to posting at a specific day/time and failing to meet it. That is me every week! Thank God for your life! I love your musings, keep at it!❤

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