Where are you?

where are those ears?
the ones that listened with caution
and gave assuring smiles
that i wasn’t alone.
where are the shoulders?
that leaned in for my head
to pour my heart out in tears.

the arms that stretched out
bearing the gift of hugs
to share in my emotions
be it joy or hurt
where are they?
the legs that went with me
one step after another
taking walks to clear my head

where are those eyes?
that said all the words
when the lips were untrustworthy.

where’s that kind heart?
unselfish to a fault…

I’m searching everywhere,
no directions to follow.

Diana M



  1. No I am serious it has a nice flavor to it. It’s… real, ya real. At least what I have read so far. I will repost, tweet and re-blog at different intervals with other bloggers on my site, but I think I want to add you as my Poetry gal:) I have to leave for work right now but I’ll catch back up with you. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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