Practice being calm 

Hello Lovelies 😘😘

Today we have a guest and without further blabbing, let’s welcome Mr Sicario to our hearts 😊 (round of applause). He’s not really a guest because I’ve posted his work previously (Queen Sheba & not just a name). Today he gets his official welcome 😊. You can also visit his page to read more write ups by him. Link 👉🏾👉🏾 here

Being calm …
… one of the most difficult natural states to be in, especially when the conditions around you are pretty harse. I mean, exactly how calm do you expect me to be when I have a difficult paper in five minute but then I’m still stuck in traffic? Or when my system crashed and I didn’t think to backup the project I’ve been working on in the last 3 months, which is actually due for submission the next day? Or the HIV test result came in positive? Oh no! There is a cancer growth somewhere in the body. How calm do you expect me to be if face with these situations or worse? But let’s take a second and ask another question: when has panicking ever helped a bad situation? That is if it doesn’t make it worse. When? Because I know, I believe not once in the history of problems has panick ever saved the day, and I’m sure we are together in this.

Only with calmness can we think thoroughly, only when calm we can think of possible solutions. And let’s even say for a second, the situation is unsolvable. How then does allowing ourselves panick bring about a miracle? How does panicking free up the traffic? How does it help with retrieving your lost project files? How does it help with anything?

It’s no secret that its really difficult, but being calm in an impossible situation isn’t unachievable. So maybe next time you are faced with a really difficult situation ask yourself how well you panicking is helping out. And believe it or not, somethings are predestined for greater good, some to save you from a far greater evil. Not all ‘bad’ situations are bad. If we are patient, positive and observant, sometimes, we’ll get the see the greater good at some point. It’s difficult but we should try to calm ourselves down in the midst of problems. Like they say “practice makes perfect”.
Mr Sicario

May is just around the corner. Have a blessed new month ahead.

xoxo Diana


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