Flashback Friday musing. 
Haha! I’m calling it that because I wrote this August 2013. Hope you had a great week. Mine was okay, thanks for asking 😘.

People have different interpretations of this and it’s something I would really love to know what your definition is. 

The greatest love of all is the love of God for His children. The extent of this love is explained in a few but powerful words in Romans 5:8 & John 3:16. The depth of God’s love is amazing. I’m really glad I’ve come to realise this but every day I still have more to know about it. 

Is loving someone different from being in love with someone? Have you ever been in love? If yes, how does it feel? 
My opinion 👉🏾 loving and being in love are two different things. The first is the one a mother has for her children, among family and friends and the second has to do with your significant other. 

The word love has lost its meaning to some. Why is it so? Has love lost its meaning to you? Are you in love with someone right now? If yes, what attracted you to that person in the first place? Is love overrated? I know I read somewhere that when you read such things as this and you think of someone while doing that, it automatically means you love the person. Is it true? Who did you think of? (wink wink)
Love and relationships should go hand in hand. Why is anyone relationship without love? These days people go into relationships to have company, not feel lonely or maybe there’s some pressure being single (but hey! I might be wrong here. Just saying).

Would you keep the way you feel about someone a secret if you are not sure of how the person feels? How would you feel if you love someone and the person doesn’t love you the same way? Would you take time to know someone before going into a relationship or you just go into it and allow the flow?

How does one show love? In love, you have to make  to make compromises, after all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. There should be set rules so that one does not step on another’s toes.

To fully love someone I think you should be ready to make that person a priority in your life. Also you have to realize that to love someone means sharing every secret, every emotion, every doubt, EVERYTHING with that person. Love is all about sacrifice, putting someone else’s needs above yours (doing so reasonably).

Everyone needs love; everyone wants to be loved.
By the way, love is too deep to lose its meaning.

The 5 love languages – Gary Chapman 
Ever heard of it? No? Check it out it’s a good read. Find out your love language(s) too. Link below 👇🏾


Let the conversation begin, roll out/in thy comments.

xoxo Diana


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