It’s okay to have doubts


It’s been a long week of thinking. I was going to postpone this week’s musing till next week but I already promised. A promise is a debt 😊.


At work, when I take a break from being busy, my eyes meet the above quote. “They cannot be serious” that’s the first thing that comes to mind. ‘Mediocrity says : What if?’ LOL 
I don’t know what ‘mediocrity says’ but I’m almost certain it isn’t ‘what if?’

Okay, say I’m about to start something – say a project or business, it’s only normal to think what if this doesn’t work out. It’s okay to have that thought but it’s then left to me to take a decision – to listen or to dismiss. You call that being mediocre? C’mon! 

The question ‘what if?’ carries some sort of doubt. So, ‘what if? = doubt – a feeling of being uncertain about something.
I don’t think one wakes up and starts doubting oneself. Different circumstances lead to doubt and instead of saying ‘you’re mediocre for doubting yourself’, why don’t we bring up solutions on how to deal with this.  

Sometimes doubt comes as a result of not succeeding one or more times. (I’m really careful here not to say failure because that word carries a lot of weight). 
 We often go through situations that make us feel less than we are and to be honest, it’s life. It’s nothing about mediocrity. 


Maybe I’m reading too much meaning to it and it’s not that deep; if I don’t read too much meaning into it, who will? 😄😜

I would love to know your opinions and how to deal with doubt. Thank you

xoxo Diana 



  1. You can’t say you have faith and then you doubt at the same time. It doesn’t just work that way. In my opinion, it’s okay to doubt the negative. Failure is a must, it’s crucial for success. #AudacityOfHope

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    1. We all pray to have 100% faith. I get the point you’re making but you cannot not doubt. It’s when you listen to it that it now tests your faith.

      I don’t know if I’m making sense but I hope you understand what I’m saying


  2. >>Doubt can be the driving force of success.

    It is okay to have doubts, I agree. If those moments of doubt didn’t present themselves, we’d be overconfident and a tad too audacious at embarking on new ventures. And that might end our idea/project before it starts. So I’ll say that doubt sometimes becomes the driving force of success. If you knew you’d succeed from the get go, would you bother trying?.
    Thanks for sharing this and yes, reading deep into the quote. Actually made me think and bring up this possibility. And you know I live for conversations like these.

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  3. Dear Diana

    I could not agree more. What a lovely post! ♡ ♡

    We have been following each other’s blog for quite some time now. I want to thank you for that. I am sorry for not being able to be a frequent visitor to your blog. As my blog grew I really struggled with giving as much as I was receiving. This is why I am now moving my work to this site:

    I am staying on WP without much content shared.

    I wish you all the best! C you around♡ ♡

    Love, Isabella

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  4. I quite agree. “What if” is a very normal question anyone can ask.

    “What if” is the #resistance Steven Pressfield so elaborately talked about in his book; ‘The war of art’.

    I agree with Pressfield, and Seth Godin, and a host of others that there’ll always be the voices in your head that try to question and doubt your ability to go through with anything you try to set your hands upon.

    Ultimately, it lies within us to reply the “what if” with “what then”and to that effect put forward our best work as often as we can to be excellent.

    “What if” in the end helps us to be more introspective and more calculative in our bid to create art.

    Well written post Diana.

    May your writing calluses never be healed. 😛

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