Love unconditionally 

an end to life
a loved one lost
nothing more real, yet unreal
hurtful and the same time confusing
such feelings, unexplainable
one event
a thousand and one emotions
none more right than the other
all acceptable of course

a loved one lost
is a wake up call
forgive quickly
love unconditionally

Diana M



  1. One is sad about the inevitability of loss, yet, one is grateful for the avenue it gives to be reawakened to all the things one might have before taken for granted.

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  2. “forgive quickly, love unconditionally”. I like this a lot, Diana. Those two things seem so small but seeing you pull out those virtues from the thousands of virtues made me realize we’d have so much more peace and less trouble if we could imbibe those two.
    Thanks for sharing and may God feel the void your loss left. ❤

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