Queen Sheba

These girls!
You are the ones
who make me feel these things:
Like I’m a hot hot bobo,
Like I’m a sexy fine man,
An elegant looking gentleman,
A super doper uncle Ben.

The way you look
Lashes twitching, the cat’s look.
You make a man swallow hard,
My belle full.
I see the gestures you pull,
I’m no fool.

She elegantly rides, grinds.
Some skills, oh my!
A man you won’t kill, but see
you can continue ma.
Your rythm like a song,
we’ve gone platinum fast.

You inspire me to King
Solomon heights I mean
The modern day Queen Sheba.
Side by side I’ll keep this up with you
just keep going.
I see ya

*wink* *wink*

Mr Sicario



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