Everyone talks about flaws and what is perfect or supposed to be perfect. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this and well, this is my 2 cents when it comes to physical or beauty flaws.
Majority of the perception about flaws has to do with the physical appearance…that is beauty, what we find attractive.

When I hear flaws or when I’m asked about what I would like to change about me, I remember always thinking that in rightful proportion to my face, I have a big nose. Then I would have loved to do something about it if I could. Now, I’ve come to an understanding that every feature of mine makes me Diana. 

We have become too accustomed to the world and its standards and somehow have forgotten that God made us in His image. God is perfect. Genesis 1:27 makes us to understand that we are created like God and I want to assume that as a Christian, you actually believe this.

When we say we are flawed or that someone else is, are we not implying that not only isn’t God perfect but also He made a mistake? I know God doesn’t make mistakes so why would one think God made his precious ones with a mistake. 


Maybe it will help more when we check the dictionary meaning of flaw – a mistake in something that means that it is not correct or does not work correctly OR a crack or fault in something that makes it less attractive or valuable.

Finally, by whose standard are we flawed?   


Let the conversation begin (if any).

xoxo Diana M



  1. *zooms in on Diana’s nose* 😀

    Those lines of poetry sum it up…
    Accept your fl…. Nothing about you is flawed in the real sense of the word.


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  2. It’s funny, I have never thought of flaws in terms of physical appearance – although I can appreciate the thought. Whenever I have thought of my flaws, they’ve always been flaws of character or behaviour. Like, I’m too cautious, or too quiet, or too loud… things like that.

    I think that it is undeniable, that human beings possess these flaws. But I also think that this does not make us a flawed creation. In other words, God didn’t make a mistake when he chose to give us all strengths and weaknesses (Physical and otherwise).

    To my mind, the thing in question is not whether or not we are flawed, but like you said, by whose standards? Where your “flaw” runs against Godly principles, then you can be sure it is something to be worked on. But where your “flaw” does not, the idea is probably in your head (and possibly the heads of others).

    So you may have a big nose – and it may even be undeniable that your nose is big.
    Why is that a bad thing?

    (I enjoyed your piece. Thank you.)

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