Not just a name

I heard your name
and to anyone
it’s just a name
but my heart played a beat
not the “breathe in and out” type
the “the one” type
where all your senses leave you
stranded in the hands
of him who loves you
it wasn’t just a name
it was your name.

This name,
it keeps me up late at night
smiling silly.
this same name soothes me to sleep.
When friends talk about the future, or making plans
or making plans for the future,
into my mind this name gently slips.

It’s the ringtone when anything good comes calling
but unlike others,
this tune I never grow tired of
or like less.

It’s melody
I’ll always sing.
And if my voice can’t ring out
how beautiful this tune is to me,
then come pretty birds.
Come chirp this name,
it brings me peace.
A name it is but,
It isn’t just a name
It’s your name.

Mr Sicario & Diana M


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