Emotions conversing in my head …

Pain demanding to be felt,
Anger wanting to be expressed,
Hurt disagreeing to be hidden,
Happiness forcing its way through,
Laughter not wanting to be buried,

“Not today” I tell them 
There’s a time for everything …
And yours will come, but not today.

Each day, same conversations,
Believe me I didn’t want them imprisoned,
But I needed the right person …

… To hold my hand and feel them,
Give me a hug and share with me, Someone who would take me serious …
… those in the past failed to do

I used to wear my heart on my sleeves …
… for safety’s sake I stuck it back in 

I want my heart to still be mine 
When the right person comes along …
I want my emotions not to be messed with,
So the right person can understand me.

Diana M



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