My moment 

The performance of my dreams
About to go live 
But first a prayer mouthed
Followed by heavy breaths
To calm my uneasy nerves 
Then I take some strides 
To rehearse my lines 
My name sounds through the speakers
To my feet I rise
Everything in check

This is my moment
To actualize my dreams
Right leg, left leg I march
Hands carefully placed behind me
“Hurry, everyone’s ready” 
“Gotta be fast, people are tired”

Voices I shouldn’t be listening to
Words I should ignore 
It’s my time, everyone should wait 
My moment, my rules 
Off to the stage set before me 
But there’s a deafening silence 
Heart racing, palms sweating 
Nervousness fills me like food 

Behold everyone was really ready 
But not for me 
They were ready to leave 
Yes, they were tired 
But why now? Why?


The performance of my dreams 
Was all but a dream 

Diana M


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