happy birthday 


I’m always excited for 1st November because then and only then I begin the countdown to my birthday. My best friend starts hers once it’s October and I absolutely love her for it, but it makes me feel old. November has always been a special month because I share it with my dad. His birthday is 5 days after mine which always makes me feel extra special and also I was conceived in the season/month of love (February).

Most of us celebrate a new year on the 1st of January (as should be), but don’t you think your birthday is your own special new year? Well if you’ve never thought of it, might as well start today by marking my own new year with me. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME!!!
On Monday, I realized that you only celebrate an age after you have lived that year – a baby celebrates the first birthday a year after birth. Meaning yesterday or today ended my 22nd year on earth and today marks the first day of my 23rd year.

With all that I am and with a heart of worship, I want to say thank you to God. The past year wasn’t great, but that God kept me emotionally strong, healthy and alive is why I’ll be eternally grateful. Thank you God for mercy and grace, thank you that in my dark hours, your love shines and definitely pulled me through. Thank you for my support system (friends and relations), thank you for my brother and sisters and most especially thank you for my mother. Thank you for this year of lessons because I had a lot of growing up to do and thank you for the years to come, for I know they will be filled with testimonies. THANK YOU JESUS 

To mark my birthday, I want to remember my dad. Today he would have called to tell me I was getting old and he would have asked ‘old woman, how old are you today?’ And I would have answered ‘ah ah daddy you don’t know my age? I’m 22 jor’. Want to share my tribute to him with you –

Daddy, the news of your demise left me heartbroken yet hopeful. Heartbroken because you have departed this earth too soon; hopeful because I know you are in the best place – with God Almighty.
That God made you my earthy father was no mistake.
I thank you for taking up that responsibility

* Thank you for my education
* Thank you for the advice
* Thank you for the sleepless nights
* Thank you for standing by me
* Thank you for moulding me to be the person I am
* Thank you for being a great role model
* Thank you for the love
But most of all, thank you for the prayers and teaching me about God and Truth (the Word).

You left before you could reap the fruits of your labor but that won’t stop me from pressing forward. This void you left behind is too much. They say ‘time heals wounds’, but I have come to realize that time makes the pain/feeling more bearable. Daddy, you are departed only from this world , but you live forever in our hearts.
I love you but God loves you best.
It is well Daddy,
Sleep well!


And once again, HAPPY 22ND TO ME!!!  (This is also my 22nd post on my blog, yay me)




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