… when I reach the age of twenty
I will be living my dream …

Compared to nineteen year olds, I was sixteen

In my defense, I had a time-framed dream

So twenty was going to be my “adult” age

Wanting to live my gone teenage years

And also to start living my adult age

I needed stories to tell my children and grandchildren

My dream had a time-frame and twenty was the mark

Now twenty and the new age excitement gone,

Life had a different surprise for me

Twenty and ill-prepared for life’s challenges

Full of indecisions and wishful thoughts,

My time-frame expired

Oh I wanted to be nineteen again

Or twenty-one because there’s no going back on years

Twenty just wasn’t for me

I forgot “with age doesn’t come maturity”

Realizing I didn’t understand “being an adult”

I hit the reset button, setting a new time-frame

Twenty was my adult

Not the “adult” I envisioned

This new adult with maturity in her views

The her I became wasn’t in my dreams

But I accepted her with my whole heart

Because the twenty-one year old she is …
… is better than who I dreamt of 

Diana M 



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