2015 so far 

Dear Readers,
I feel like we have gotten to that point in our relationship I can tell you almost anything. So here it goes…

It been a while I put something up and I really wanted to let read another poem by me. I picked up my own to write and ended up putting down
Not sure if I was referring to mine of life as a whole. These past couple of months haven’t been the best I’ve had but I’m so full of hope. Of course starting the year I had great expectations and plans but “life” as we know it had other things in store for me. Made decisions that left me unsure of things and had me regretting for a while but everything got better and I am now so much at peace with it. Not saying I’ve had a terrible first half of the year but I’ve definitely had better. I love sharing things about my life to people and recently I realized it was only when it was all good. The tough times I kept to myself because I’m the kind of person who waits to get out of a situation then gives a testimony about it (I’m still working on my sharing self 😊). God has been the one giving my strength. I remember my mommy telling me over the phone “Dee, you are a strong woman” and trust me I did not believe it; but for some reason I feel like she was prophesying to me and I claim it. So yes, I tell myself everyday or try to, that God has made me a strong woman and now I believe or am still believing every word of it.

OK! Back to “life is a mess”, after that I went on writing
I’m praying for the very best for everyone in everything you do.
Yours sincerely,
Diana M

Oh! , I don’t know if this is really a saying or something I just made up but the first line is definitely a phrase. So here it goes…

When life throws you lemons,
Squeeze the lemons and make the best green tea yet 😝
(I guess my love for green tea caused this)

Before I forget, I modified what I started writing to…
                      BUT TRUST GOD, HE MAKES IT BETTER

Diana M


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