The sun is shining so brightly I know it will be a beautiful day
So I dash out of bed with a smile
Full of energy with caffeine in my veins
I’m thankful to see a day like this
Off to shower I skip, singing in-tune surprisingly
At the same time replaying today’s plans in mind
All dressed up I stand on my balcony
Smiling at the kisses the sun places on me
“It’s a beautiful day to be great” I say

Walking down the flight of stairs
My purse in hand and my ever so fancy shades on
Deciding not to use the elevator
Music blasting through my headphones
Living on the tenth floor not so much of a bother
Thoughts filled with perfect pictures to capture
And of course nice places to go experience
Not paying attention to my surrounding
Unaware of the change in weather

Taking the first step out of the building
Only to be met with a downpour
My clothes dripping wet and I’m cold
I’m glued to the floor at this point
I can’t carry myself because I’m still stunned
Adrenaline rush suddenly comes to a halt
I can’t remember which artist is playing
Not sure if to go ahead and enjoy the rain
“Excuse me, you’re wet” I hear
“Come let’s get you dry” is the last I remember

Diana M



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