I Surrender 

I read what I’ve done doesn’t matter I did not and could not have done anything

I read if it was based on me, I wouldn’t be here

I read he chose to sacrifice Himself for me

But why do I feel like there’s something to do?

Why do I feel like I still am not qualified?

Why does it seem like you are miles away from me?

Why does it feel like this sin still has a hold on me?

I heard prayer works, and I’ve seen this firsthand

But why do I feel something holding me back?

I chose you and still choose you, so why am I in this

I guess I forgot that it’s not by my power

I forgot that me alone amounts to nothing

I had to be reminded that on my own I will fall

So, I surrender

I surrender everything to you

I will not again try on my own

I surrender to your will oh Lord, change me




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