They say pictures hold the most memories
But to me pictures capture some moments
And memories live in the heart
Sounds of laughter, sorrow and anger
Remember those faces made?
Remember the reason behind those faces?
The heart sure does

Memories are made from moments past
The times someone held you, when you cried
Times when your laughter was uncontrollable
When you wore your emotions on your sleeves
Yes, pictures capture those moments
What happened before or after the picture?
The answer lies in the heart

Many times we’ve gotten pissed at someone
Wanting to erase any trace of their existence
We get rid of pictures that remind us of them
“Now the memories are gone” we exhale
But we forget that memories live in the heart
The delicate and fragile heart
Same heart we want to appear as hard as a rock

People have hurt me and I them
Should I forgive or should I forget?
But I also want forgiveness
So forgive I must
We are humans thus err
And forgive we should

Both good and bad
Always remain in our HEARTS
And the heart always remembers
These memories make us
So we have to cherish them

Diana M


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