Today, I let go

As I write, I dread today
This day I never wanted to come
The day I call and no answer
I felt it coming
But nothing prepared me

I lost a YOU once
I smile to mask the hurt
But the hurt is there
YOU have broken my heart
Our “love” is no more

No reminders YOU once existed
When did this happen
I’m hoping it’s a dream
And I’ll wake up to see YOU
Please let it be a dream

YOU who became family
I love YOU
We promised always and forever
This pain I can’t bear
This hurt I can’t take

You stand and watch?
Can’t you feel the pain?
This distance is no bother?
This hurt brings memories
Memories I’d rather let go

I won’t let go of US
I’ll keep holding on
These promises I made
But you are not coming back
So today, I let go of you

Diana M



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