I know I said I wouldn’t
But today I did
And I’m trying, but
It’s hard
It’s not a habit
It’s addiction, mine
And I’m trying, but
I doubt I can
Give it up?
Some days at least
Two weeks at most
But I still go right back
Back to where I left off
This addiction
I know I said I wouldn’t
But today I did

Diana M



  1. That’s how addiction works with its unshakable hold on its victims, the addicts. You need to be extremely strong-willed to kick the habit or the flesh being weak, will drag you back into it. Any addiction takes time to form and once set firmly into one’s psyche, its too difficult to get rid of it because old habits die hard. If you really want to free yourself from it, then make up your mind, stay away from the source and means of temptation and give up – all the best!

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  2. I think the greatest thing that can free us from the hold of addiction is the power of Jesus. We have no strength of our own to resist. It’s important to come to repentance with humility and ask for grace. Grace from Chirst. And also take practical, physical steps to remove ourselves from the sources of temptation.

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