Back to the basics

When I started this WordPress was not when I had newly discovered my way with words; NO! , writing had already been a part of me but I just never developed the skills I already had. I won’t say I started writing at a very young age, but I’ll tell you this; I got into trouble at home a lot because my pen/pencil refused to be silenced (or probably because I have a good writing (smile)). Then I would make up stories to write and I really can’t say that today. I am not finding this as easy as I always thought it would be.

Writing was never really a hobby for me, it was just something I did when I got bored or wanted to express how I felt. A lot of my writing is based on how I feel at a particular time in my life and others how I wish I felt. At some point, I guess I lost my artsy side and I want to believe it is because of my choice in career. Not that I regret that path (haha, I don’t) but I just wish I had kept up with it and not abandoned it ; maybe I would have been better at writing (maybe not). Well we can’t live life regretting our choices or rather I choose not to live my life in regret because every experience in life is a lesson, be it good or bad.

Am I good at writing or not? I guess if you’re thinking about this, chances are you are. Writing should come naturally right? Sometimes it does and other times, you have to do the whole sitting down with a pen to a paper for hours or days before something comes up. When you finally get to it, you get lost in it (OH! The joy!!). The beauty of writing for me is that your thoughts are not supposed to be organized; write what you think down and later you can think about it making meaning.

Recently my sister gave me the best gift yet and it was a book. She said to me “you have to use that book for your writing and that alone” and that statement means a lot to me because it made me know that someone believes in me. I have decided that I will not bring up excuses again, I will write everyday; be it an article, short story or poem. I’m still not entirely sure if I should be writing, but I will write everyday because it’s something I enjoy doing and would very much like for my skills to be developed.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple – Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Dums


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